Girls registered

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This number shows how many girls are registered with your troop.

The girls registered number list the number of girls registered in the troop.  This number may be entered manually or automatically calculated by eBudde™. 
The girls registered box is available for data entry - This information is mandatory.  Enter the number of girls registered in your troop.  If you do not have this information, you may key in a zero until you can enter the correct number. 
The girls registered box is grayed out - This information will be calculated by eBudde™.  eBudde™ will look at the Girl Tab and count all the girls that have a check mark under the Reg'd box.  That total will be recorded  in the girls registered box for the troop.  NOTE: if a girl is listed on the girl tab but the Reg'd box is not checked, that girl will not be counted as a registered girl.