Troop Initial Order Help Page

Troop's enter their initial order on the Troop Initial Order Tab.  The tab will display in columns the cookies being sold by the girls in the troops.  In addition, councils may add column(s) for Gift of Caring program(s) if applicable.  The rows will display girl names so ordering can be done by individual girls.  There are two additional rows labeled OTHER and BOOTH.  The BOOTH row is to enter in cookie packages for booth sales.  The OTHER row can be left blank or used for ordering additional packages of cookies. 
Girls take orders from customers and turn in those orders to the troop cookie manager.  The troop cookie manager records the totals for the girls orders in eBudde™ on the girl order tab.  This can be done all at one time or as the girls turn in their orders.  A troop can also order additional cookies using the BOOTH or OTHER rows per their instructions by their council.
To enter a girl's order, you click the girl's name in the row.  At the bottom of the page, boxes open up for each column.  You enter the number of packages.  To move from one box to another you use the tab key.  Once you get to the end of the row, click the OK button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard.  The quantities will then show on the row for the girl and the row will be highlighted.  In the upper left hand corner hit the SAVE button.  This saves the girl's order to the database.  You will repeat this process for each girl's order.
Once all the orders have been placed in eBudde™, the troop submits the order to the service unit/council. You can only submit the order ONCE.  You submit, by clicking the Submit button in the upper left-hand corner.  The system will confirm that you want to submit.  Once you click OK., the information is saved to the database, you receive a confirmation email, the rows are greyed out and the submit and save buttons disappear.
Printable Version - This button allows you to print the information that is displayed on the screen.  All the orders and totals will print in HTML format.
Save - This button allows you to save the information you keyed in but not submit the order.  The Save button is the button you will click if you have entered some orders and want to save the information but have not entered all the orders yet.
Submit - This button submits the order to your service unit/council.  The Submit button can only be presses once.  The system will confirm that you want to submit as you will not be able to change any orders once you have submitted.  Once you have submitted, the rows will be grey (unchangeable), the Submit and Save buttons go away and you and your service unit will get a confirmation email.  If any changes need to be made to your troop's order, you will need to contact your service unit/council.
Packages or Cases
The initial order page allows ordering in packages or cases. To determine your method, look to the bottom of the page.  If the first total row is labeled Pkgs. Ordered, you will order all quantities in packages.   eBudde™ will tally those packages and "roll up" to full cases.  A case of cookies contains twelve packages.  A case of bars includes 5 packages.   If the only total row is labeled Cases Ordered, you will order all quantities in cases (12 packages to a case)

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