Troop Girl Tab Help Page

The girl tab lists all the girls in the troop.  This list will populate the initial order tab, girl order tab and rewards tab.  To place cookie orders and rewards orders by the girl, you much include the girl's information on this tab.  The girls listed on this tab will also be listed on the girl order tab.  Girls cannot be deleted from this list after the initial order is saved.  
Once a troop is created, girls need to be added to the system to allow troops to record girl initial orders, additional orders and payments and submit rewards order.  Girls can be added to eBudde™ any time during the cookie system.  Your council will determine if the girls will be pre-loaded into eBudde™ or if it will be a manual data entry process or both options.  
Update - The update button will save the information currently on the screen.  You must click this button whenever you make changes to the information on this screen to save the information to the database.
Printable - The printable button allows you to print the list of girls with their information.  When you click the printable button, eBudde™ will display the list in a printable format and give you a Print button to print the information to your printer.  Your printer dialog box will be displayed for you to click ok to send to the printer.
Print - The print button will be displayed on the printable screen once you click the Printable button.
Back to Girl Tab - This button allows you to go back to the Girl Tab data entry screen.  This button will be displayed only on the screen that gets displayed once you click the Printable button.
First Name - (Mandatory)  Enter in the girl's first name.
Last Name - (Mandatory) Enter in the girl's last name.
GSUSA ID - The GSUSA ID helps to distinguish girls with a unique identifier.  This is helpful if you have two girls in the troop with the same first and last name.  eBudde™ will not allow duplicate girl names, so to uniquely identify each girl, you can fill in different numbers in the GSUSA ID.
Grade -  This drop down box allows you to identify the girl's grade.  Options included K - 12
Cookie Club Login - (Optional) Enter the girl's Cookie Club login information.
Reg’d? – If the girl is registered, check the box.  This information is critical if your council is having eBudde™ automate the girl registered number on the troop settings tab.  If eBudde™ is calculating the girls registered number for you, eBudde™ will only count the girls where the Reg'd box is checked.  

Shirt Size – (Optional) Enter the girl’s shirt size.  You may not have this option.  If you do have this option, eBudde™ will look here for  any reward item that is set up as a sized automated item.  You will be able to override the size information on the incentive ordering tab.

Sales Goal – Enter the girl sales goal in boxes.

Delete? -  The delete box is only available if there has been no orders saved by the troop.  If an order has been saved by the troop, you will not be able to delete the girl.  If the girl is no longer selling cookies, you will be able to zero out her order if necessary on the girl order tab and/or changed the girl selling number on the troop settings tab.

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